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(27 Giugno 2012)

Il 30 giugno, AIC (Alternative Information Centre) inaugura una mostra in solidarietà alla resistenza degli abitanti del quartiere di Silwan. Ho visitato Silwan proprio la domenica di Pasqua. Mentre il parco sulla “presunta” città di David cresce, i palestinesi continuano ad essere espropriati delle proprie “reali” case.

Invito chi visita Gerusalemme ad andare a vedere la mostra e a solidarizzare con gli abitanti del quartiere. In fondo non è fuori portata. Basta uscire dalla porta del Letame o scendere la valle del Kidron uscendo dall’Orto degli Ulivi.



Exhibition: “The Bustan in Silwan”


On Saturday 30 June in the community centre of the Bustan neighbourhood in Silwan, East Jerusalem, a group exhibition entitled “The Bustan in Silwan”

will open.

The exhibition displays a range of video and audio art, together with wall drawings of children and youth from the area.

Participating artists: Raida Adon, Rabia Buchari, Scandar Copti, Raafat Hattab, Miki Kratsman, Hila lulu lin, Manal Mahamid, Avi Mograbi, David Reeb, Assaf Shoshan, Manar Zuabi,

Participating musicians and poets: Alma Fogel, Freedom Theater in Jenin, Jadal Group, Bernice Johnson Reagon, Hila Lulu Lin, Agi Mishol, Karnei Postel, Yehudit Ravitz, Tushi Reagon,  Nizar Rohana, Sabarin.

Curator: The artist and architect Hanna Farah from Kufr Bir’


With support and cooperation of the Alternative Information Center (AIC)

The exhibition is an act of solidarity with the struggle of the Silwan residents and a tribute to their steadfastness in remaining in their homes in the face of settler violence and Jerusalem municipal attempts to evict them.

Works in the exhibition present and give voice to the situation of the Palestinians and their struggle against the Israeli authorities for right to their land and homes and development of their spaces into humane circumstances.

“Al-Quds: The conquerors come to her overloaded with illusion, madness, and folly; eventually they leave, and she remains. She is greater than siege and fences, for she is an idea, an ideal that will forever hover in the realm of the absolutes. Her story has remained unchanged from time immemorial: a constant struggle between its absolute humanism and those who try to pull her to an underworld devoid of memory, a place devoid of history, except the one rewritten by the conquerors.”

(Nassar Ibrahim)

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