Peacenow : video satirico “How Great It Is To Be Right-Wing!”


venerdì 14 marzo 2014

 peace now

Peacenow : video satirico “How Great It Is To Be Right-Wing!”

Pubblicato in data 14/mar/2014

Peace Now Presents “How Great It Is To Be Right Wing!” Recommended to watch in HD.
It might be a funny clip, but this is a serious struggle.
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Written and directed by: Tom Shinan. Additional Directing: Yaniv Shmeltzer. Produced by Tsafrir Or – Giraffa-Pop. Director of Photography: Avner Shahaf. Additional Filming: Omer Lotan. Art and Wardrobe: Liat Hazan. Graphic Design: Yoav Einhar. Assistant Art: Yotam Shinan. Makeup: Mira Alon, Odelia Abraham. Sound Recording: Vitaly Grinshpan. Musical Production: Nadav Lazar. Voices: Dan, Hudi, Emanuel, Nadav. Music Mix: Itai Kaufmann. Online: Nelly Guy. Digitization: Yosef Cohen. Mix: Amir Levi. Filmed at “The Green Room” studio. Photos: “Haaretz” newspaper. © All rights reserved to “Haaretz” LTD. Additional Photographs: Israeli GPO. Special Thanks to Amir A. Aharoni – Wikipedia.


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Peacenow : video satirico “How Great It Is To Be …

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