Problema dell’Acqua nei Territori Occupati: Pioggia scarsissima e Costi alti



Fri. February 04,2011

We are in the midst of a deepening crisis. I am not referring to the political situation – which is, in fact, deepening and which does not show any sign of a breakthrough – nor am I talking about the economic situation – which remains quite precarious, locally and globally. I am referring to the water situation: the lack of rainfall this winter (we are already halfway through it). Precipitation so far has been barely a third of what this country normally gets, which is not much to begin with.  

The cost of water to private citizens has increased significantly in the last year, and it is expected to go up by another 18 percent soon. In addition, the tax levied on those who consume water beyond their allotted quota may be re-introduced, in the hope of severely curtailing water consumption. The first to suffer will be private gardens and public parks, whose irrigation will become exorbitantly high. This is all too sad, given the already dry landscape around us. One cannot help but wonder at the paradoxical situation in the world when one sees the floods and torrential rains that other countries are experiencing.

This issue is dedicated to Palestinian children, who make up an important chunk of the population. A solid nation starts with the education and care lavished on its children. It is therefore important that we put in place institutions that care for their education and well-being. Besides good schools, cultural institutions, libraries, museums, sports complexes, and parks (preferably not dry ones!) are a must. We also need to care for the less privileged among us, those who suffer from physical or mental handicaps. Given the proper attention and care, they may get along with the rest of us and even excel. I invite you to read the many articles that focus on education, children’s rights, sexual abuse, and caring for disabled children, among many others.

Children are our future, so it is important that we take good care of them to secure our legacy and make sure it lives on.

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