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Al Mufaqarah R-Exist 26.05.2012 By haithmkatib@gmail.com

Al Mufaqarah R-Exist ~ Support this community in its legitimate struggle to keep living in its land.The Popular Struggle Coordination Committee is launching a campaign to support the community of al Mufaqarah in its legitimate struggle to keep living in its land through the construction of brick houses in order to stress the permanent character of their presence in the area and opposed Israeli policies of displacement. The PSCC will also provide legal support and a long term monitoring of the situation. The purpose is to repeat the successful story of al-Tuwani, a 300 resident's village that faced the same situation but that is now recognized by the Israeli Occupation Authority, and to create a precedent for the communities of the firing zone. The first action will take place on the 19th of May with a festival nearby the under construction mosque of al Mufaqarah, in the presence of the local community of the South of Hebron villages, official representatives, volunteers and media. All together, we will build up the 1st house of "Al-Mufaqarah R-Exist" project We invite you to participate in the event and join the action, as well as to spread the word. Any support you can provide will be greatly appreciated. ..
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