Turbina a vento sotto ordine di demolizione nel villaggio di Tuba


SETTEMBRE 5, 2012 AT 7:56 AM


On 3th September 2012 at around 10.30 am the Dco (Distric Coordination Office, the section of the Israli Army that work for the civil administration in the Occupied Palestinian Territories) and the Israeli Army  delivered in Tuba village one demolition order for the wind turbine and a stop working order for an house-tent and a house, in which in total are living ten people.

The demolition order for the wind turbine is the conseqence of a stop working order delivered on 18th June 2012 (Press Release:http://snipurl.com/24w6g3b). The wind turbine was donated in 2010 by “Comet-Me”, an Israeli NGO that supports the economic and social empowerment of local communities through material support and environmental sustainability. If it will be demolished, around 70 people would remain without electricity . According to the order, the owners have three day time in order to appeal.

Pictures:  http://snipurl.com/24w6gkr



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