28 gen 2012

ruins of Palestinian house in Anata

Last night we received an e-mail from Israel/Palestine. It speaks about demolitions that took place in the town of Anata, West Bank, near Jerusalem. It depicts also a very bad situation for dozens of people, most of them children, now homeless and living in tents.

Following is the text of the e-mail, and some photos attached:

Dear Friends,

It is not my habit to send around emails like this one. I do apologize in advance.

Today I spent my day in Anata – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/’Anata – where just two days ago many houses have been demolished. It is not my purpose to enter in political discussions. However, I fell the moral duty to let you know that also tonight dozens of people, most of them children under the age of 8, are living under a tent, without toilet facilities, electricity, direct water line connections. As many of you knows, today has been a stormy day in the Jerusalem area.

The people on the spot did welcome me in each tent as if I would have the power to do something concrete for them.

No one is currently covering the issue; to the best of my knowledge there were only two persons from the Western world in the entire area.

Enclosed you can find few pictures. Unfortunately they don’t show enough, but it was the best that we could do. I speak in plural because with me there was dr. Salim Anati, the only physician in the Shu’fat refugee camp area.

Whoever can cover the issue, or contribute in any form, please don’t hesitate to contact dr. Anati (details below).

Thank you,



Dr. Salim Anati


Medical officer UNRWA

Society chairman of alquds charitable society

mobile 0523754835

P.O.BOX 51007

tel 5828214


(More information here )


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